Spreading the Word

Include the hashtag #FreeWolf anywhere online. Examples of specific websites include:

  • FaceBook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Smash Boards
  • Forums, Blogs and Comments

If you have examples of other social media to add to this list please contact me.



Sign the guestbook!

We are looking to collect one message/signature per person who support Wolf’s return to the Smash series petition style. Please use the contact us page to add your name!

This feature is currently in beta testing.




Examples of specific people to tweet:

Masahiro Sakurai. Creator and Director of the Super Smash Bros. Series. Perhaps the most important person of all this campaign is targeting.

The Video Game Company behind many of your favourite games and IP!

The official twitter account for the Smash Brothers Series.




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