Become a Pilot

Recruitment & Volunteering

We are a not for profit website so can we can’t pay anyone generous enough to supply us with their time and skills, however your efforts will greatly contribute towards our goal of getting Wolf back in Smash.

We are looking for anyone who can help with the following:

  • Writers

Be able to take idea’s and drafts and turn them into professional written pieces.

  • Media and Marketing Assistants

Living in an Australia timezone means I interact with the Asian and European audiences often but miss out on the US market. Looking for someone to co-ordinate with me so any communication I need to put out during US high volume traffic hours can be done. Literally just be awake during these hours is the only real requirement. Also may involve finding information.

  • Graphics

I’m incredibly bad at using Photoshop so if you are able to use this and other editing suites in addition to video and other related skills there’s usually something that needs doing but gets unnecessarily delayed.

  • Reference collection and checking

Finding new information sources and double checking their accuracy of the source itself and in relation to how we are using it can take some time. Please use the contact us page if you wish to let me know about anything regarding this.

  • Reviewing Analysis and Myths

My writing skills are basic. If you believe you can structure a piece of writing on the website better using the concepts and ideas behind what it is trying to say please use the contact us page if you wish to let me know about anything regarding this.

  • Video content producers

Video content tends to do a lot better in terms of visibility and reaching more people than written content. However my upload speed is far too slow to be uploading videos and my general video skills are average at best. Looking for someone who has good editing and creation skills who can work with me to produce videos based on content from the website.

  • Spreading the word about the website (once complete)