Draft Infographic

Please read the entire post before commenting or replying to it.

IMPORTANT: The following image is in an early draft/concept phase and is provided purely for feedback purposes only. It is subject to change and is not to be shared until the image is complete and preparations for the image’s launch have been made.

This draft has been completed for the info-graphic that will be used for promotional and awareness purposes anytime there is a good opportunity to generate buzz (Smash DLC, Star Fox Zero Release, Nintendo NX Announcement etc…) to help encourage the developers to include Wolf as a playable character in all future Smash games.

There are two aspects to this particular aspect of the campaign. The first is specifically target the key individuals and companies who have direct influence in making Wolf become playable again with the infographic. The second is to have the campaign materials shared by as many people as possible.

I am looking for indepth analysis and feedback. However what I am specifically looking for feedback on is ‘Content’. This includes:

  • Is there any specific information you feel should be included that isn’t already?
  • Any existing content that should either be completely removed, updated or reworded to better explain and clarify?

Any atheistic, design and visual feedback is welcomed but must be explained in full as to why it would benefit to be considered.