Current Objectives

Campaign Status: Preparation/Not launched. Targeting April Launch.

This page represents what is being worked on within the campaign.

  • Looking for contact information for Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development.

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of the Star Fox series among many other of Nintendo’s Major IP and as a result this is someone Sakurai would talk to about character selection in the future for Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo EPD are the major development house for Nintendo.

Email and other social media presence information would be greatly appreciated.

  • General contact information for any relevant people and/or companies that would have influence in getting Wolf in Smash

This includes all available online contact information such as Emails, Facebook, Twitter etc.. for any directors, developers and/or companies that would be good to lobby. The more the better.

  • Infographic

Taking feedback on. See the Draft infograph page.

  • Press release

Currently a press release is being worked on the official launch of the campaign once everything is ready. Looking to get suggestions on suitable websites/media outlets and their contact information to provide a coordinated press release to.