Are Star Fox Series Amiibo Coming?

In a recent interview conducted by GameInformer with Director and Series Creator Shigeru Miyamoto it’s been revealed that at one point a Transforming Arwing/Walker Amiibo was planned. However things changed when they could not get the product functional with a size scale similar to other standard amiibo sizes.

Miyamoto goes on to state that “At some point, if we don’t have to do it at Amiibo size, it might be nice to have that Arwing that can transform into a walker”.

This does bring up a few interesting points. Nintendo has previously made merchandise for Star Fox at higher price points as with the Stone Statue that recently released. So it’s not like the potential cost might cause them to shy away from doing it in future.

The recently announced Kirby Series of Amiibo

Amiibo only continues to grow stronger and stronger and this trend seems to continue as new series are introduced such as the Recent Legend of Zelda Wolf Link Amiibo and the freshly announced Kirby series of Amiibo. With the continually expansion of Amiibo and Star Fox being active on Nintendo’s minds it seems we could likely receive a Star Fox branded series of Amiibo at some point in the future.

…For now, it’s only going to work with Fox and Falco from the Super Smash Bros. series.

This quote from Miyamoto could mean other characters from other series may work with Star Fox Zero. Perhaps custom skins based on the Amiibo for the Arwing similar to the functionality in Yoshi’s Wolly World. However Amiibo do not have to release at the same time in order to provide functionality to a game as we saw with the Toad Amiibo for Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker which released after the game and as discussed above, could mean we may see Star Fox Amiibo later down the line.

What would you like to see from Star Fox as an Amiibo? A Wolf Amiibo would be amazing.


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