Star Fox Zero’s Motion Controls Always On In Some Form

Previously the information coming from Nintendo was that the Motion Control gameplay provided by the Gamepad to allow for more free aiming and cinematic flying could be turned off completely. Today Nintendo clarifies their previous statements.

Associated Editor over at IGN Jose Otero received a statement from Nintendo on the matter:

“Motion controls cannot be entirely disabled in Star Fox Zero, although players will have some options to choose how they are implemented. The game was designed to be played with motion controls, and it would be incredibly difficult to complete certain areas of the game without the independent aiming and flight that they offer.”

Miyamoto first demonstrating the GamePad functionality during E3

This definitely could be a factor that ultimately prevents a Nintendo NX Port however it doesn’t completely rule it out either. Plenty of other games have been reworked before and considering from the information available says while we can’t completely turn it off you can majorly reduce how much you need it.

The impressions from various gaming journalists suggests that the Gamepad functionality while not being perfect is definitely something that is very enjoyable. There are plenty of other games that have demonstrated great use of the Gamepad. Many people cannot play Splatoon with the traditional controls, I am also part of the group that loves the implementation of motion controls in the game and solely uses that control scheme.




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