Star Fox Zero Details From The Nintendo Direct!

Brought to you live from the Direct! This is a living post so additional details as they become available will be updated here!

Wolf 1080p mouth closed

Full Direct



  • Star Fox Zero is first!
  • Additional information by Miyamoto!
  • The game is “ready”
  • Similar to Star Fox 64 – Story and Map structure are new
  • Teleporters important to story and branching map paths
  • Fortuna Stage – Bio Weapons
  • Alternate paths
  • Zoness Planet
  • Completing Venom in normal unlocks more
  • Fox Amiibo unlocks classic arwing and other bonuses
  • Project Guard is Star Fox Guard!
  • Tower defence using cameras and Wii Y gamepad functionality
  • Create Stages
  • No change to the scheduled release date. April 22.
  • Direct Format new format isn’t a drastic change presentation wise.
  • My Nintendo briefly touched on but no date except this month
  • Game of the year for 2016 confirmed. Some Horse racing + Soltaire game. Not even kidding lol.
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions – The FE Wii U game
  • I assume Fates has a release date in Australia finally. Dunno Not watching the European Direct.
  • New Kirby game on 3DS. Kirby now uses a mech in addition to the standard gameplay. Kirby has levels now. Kirby Amiibo.


There is a slight issue with this wallpaper but I’ll fix it soon. The Direct started 6am for me so I’m a bit tired lol.


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