Will Star Fox Zero Pull a ‘Zelda’ and Release on Both Wii U and Nintendo NX?

We are currently less than two months away from the currently scheduled release date of Star Fox Zero. Nintendo is still keeping fairly quiet on the marketing of this game which indicate as previously reported  the game could be delayed. With Nintendo NX looming in some form between Q4 2016 and 2017 could we see Star Fox Zero release on Nintendo NX?

In terms of video game releases, it is quite a lean year for the Nintendo Wii U compared to its competitors. This is naturally to be expected as support for the Wii U winds down and Nintendo focuses on it’s upcoming main console device Nintendo NX. While Nintendo have stated they will continue to support both the Wii U and 3DS after the launch of the NX we know both the 3DS and Wii U’s days are numbered and this statement has been made to help calm any customers who bought these devices who may have felt their devices have been abandoned and they have not received value for their money.

Nintendo as a company is unique and strives to provide quality creative experiences for their customers. They have delayed games before in order to meet these expectations. Shigeru Miyamoto famously once said “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad” which at the time resulted in the Nintendo 64 console being delayed so it could release with Super Mario 64 as Miyamoto had envisioned it.

Star fox is just one of many series from Legendary creator Shigeru Miyamoto

Star Fox Zero has already been delayed previously even with the game itself having had it’s development origins start back with the Nintendo Wii around six years ago which is keeping in line with this philosophy on quality. This could be one in a number of reasons as to why the Wii U over its lifespan has not had as many games released for it as people would come to expect. This is in contrast to the amount of shovelware the Nintendo Wii received during it’s life.

It could also be attributed to why the Wii U at launch had what could be described as a lackluster launch lineup. Even Reggie Fils-Aime has noted that software sells hardware and a lack of compelling games that sell the system can hurt it.

Nintendo has some responsibility and duty to ensure Nintendo Wii U customers receive adaquete value for their money on the system they purchased. Now of course what Nintendo thinks is adequate and what an average consumer may see as adequate may not be the same but Nintendo has to draw the line in the sand somewhere especially with Nintendo NX on the horizon.

There have been plenty of rumours and arguments that ‘The Legend of Zelda U’ could possibly skip the Wii U in favour of the Nintendo NX. From a business standpoint it does make sure to ensure there is a Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo NX at launch however Nintendo is aware of its obligation to provide value for its customers if it wants to retain them in the future by confirming at the minimum the game will release on Wii U on multiple occasions.

zelda 3 gens.fw.png
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess has seen a basic port and a more exhaustive remake over multiple generations of Nintendo consoles.

We’ve seen this before with The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess which released both on the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. It appears ‘The Legend of Zelda U’ sharing many circumstances with Twilight Princess will see a dual release for the Wii U and as a Launch of Launch window title for Nintendo NX. This both pleases fans who are still invested in the Wii U and are not ready to upgrade to the next console and also the fans who purchase a Nintendo NX at launch and understandly want to be able to play games on the new hardware immediately.

Star Fox Zero is one of the last major Wii U games remaining for the Wii U. I’ve discussed previously what the future of the series could look like and why it’s mutually beneficial to the Star Fox series and the Nintendo NX for the game to appear on that system. With the circumstances of the game regardless of whether the game receives another delay or not it appears to answer the question of the article title that Star Fox Zero will pull a ‘Zelda’ and appear on both Wii u and NX.

Technically it is possible for them to do it regardless of whether they are able to port it or whether they have to recreate from scratch as seen with Twilight Princess’s release on Wii and Wii U respectively. The game does not require the Gamepad to play so there aren’t too many obstacles stopping it from happening either.

Let me know whether you agree or not that Star Fox Zero will appear on Wii U and NX or just on the Wii U.

Update: Since this article had been completed apparently whether the game will be delayed again or not will be known by Friday.




3 thoughts on “Will Star Fox Zero Pull a ‘Zelda’ and Release on Both Wii U and Nintendo NX?

  1. But the game DOES require the gamepad. And with Nintendo’s president himself stating that the NX would not be in the Wii / Wii U family, I doubt that the system will be utilizing the gamepad. However, there is a chance (not as great as the last two systems, but still a chance) that the system will be backwards compatible or feature a screen in some way. If the latter is true, then why not, the more games the better.


    1. Nintendo has only recently clarified that particular aspect after saying different previously as reported earlier today. Yeah the NX is a departure from the Wii side of things but I’m sure they can find a way whether it’s native backwards compatibility, a reworked port, Virtual Console or whatever else.


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