Nintendo Direct for 3.3.2016

Fresh off the press. Nintendo will be doing its first official general Nintendo Direct for 2016. Here is the details from the tweet.

Please take note information is different on a region by region basis. The information shown below may not match your specific region.

It is a very last minute announcement indeed however this is not the first time Nintendo has announced big news or Directs last minute. This Direct is expected to be the first with the newly announced format due to the passing of President Satoru Iwata in 2015.

For those in GMT+8 timezone this is 6am on Friday.

Perhaps we will see some games from the leaked lineup or details on the last remaining Smash Amiibo. The PR release for the Direct states we will not hear any news relating Nintendo NX or Mobile Games however we may hear more about the new unified account and rewards system called ‘Nintendo Account’ and ‘My Nintendo’ replacing the old Club Nintendo.

What are you hoping for from the Direct?


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