Rumour: Potential Delays to Star Fox Zero

There has been some information via Liam Robertson in regards to the current development status of Star Fox Zero which may or may not indicate a possible delay to the current launch date of April 22nd 2016.

Tamaki has not been correct about every claim he has made in the past and does not provide verification of his sources so definitely take the following information with a grain of salt.

For a game that is about to launch in 2 months he definitely has a point here. Granted we have no idea of any of the details of how the New Nintendo Directs will work in any capacity from frequency to the actual format of the show. If they are still tweaking the New Nintendo Directs it might delay the marketing campaign for Star Fox Zero. If they are having issues meeting the launch date it would make sense to delay the coinciding marketing along with it.

This particular tweet doesn’t really need a source since the time table generally speaking is how video game development works. Game’s typically finish weeks/months before their scheduled release dates to allow for certification and printing of the game on physical disks. In combination with the lack of marketing however does at least get us asking what is happening with the game generally.

As we are aware the NX is looming and Wii U support is rapidly dwindling. If there is to be another delay for Star Fox Zero it’s easily foreseeable that the game will receive a dual launch on the NX and Wii U similar to how Twilight Princess was released on the GameCube and the Wii.

This would definitely give Star Fox Zero the best chance to succeed as releasing it solely for the Wii U is essentially putting the game out to die which economically doesn’t make much sense. The game is playable with controllers beside the Gamepad so it wouldn’t be an issue with porting it over to NX as it isn’t tied intrinsically into the game.

Regardless of the validity of these mystery sources we will find out soon enough whether they have any truth to them. The English release of My Nintendo is due next month which should be unveiled in a big public way and hopefully we will hear more about upcoming games or even the Nintendo NX itself by then.

Considering we may be potentially years away from the next Smash game this doesn’t really affect this campaign in any way, however the sooner Nintendo releases some nice new art assets for Wolf the quicker we can start unveiling some plans we have been working on in order to help promote Wolf!

Let us know what you think of the rumoured potential delays in the comments below!


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