Source Gaming: Wolf In Memoriam

Source Gaming have created an article which reflects on Wolf not being in Smash 4 and have a look at the character as a whole and within Smash Brothers as a testament to the impact of the character.

They encourage people to talk about Wolf and do everything they can to get him back in any future games. This website and the campaign form a part of the total global effort to help do that. In the lead up Smash 4 there were many establish trends and patterns noticed up until that point. Aside from obvious examples like Pichu and Young Link most of the cast from the previous game were expected to return and as a result not much awareness and campaigning occurred for many characters to return including Wolf. Such assumptions and complacency will not happen again. We will strike hard and fast and sustain the momentum until Wolf is returned to this rightful place as a playable fighter within all future entries to the Smash series.

While there are a handful of notable of issues such as the omission by Sakurai’s own words that Wolf was included due to popularity and without it he wouldn’t have happened it is a good read and hopefully inspires you to do your part in the fight to bring Wolf back!

Your Call To Action: After reading the Source Gaming Article, visit and read each page on this website!


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