Clarification: This campaign is not for Sm4sh DLC

There seems to be a little bit of misinformation about the purpose of this campaign. I wish to state that it is not a last ditch attempt to get Sakurai to put Wolf into the game for Smash 4 DLC. 

We recognise the chances are pretty much zero at this point and that any decision whether public or not has already been made long ago (including the rumour Wolf may be ninja announced like Lucas was in previous in the February release of DLC) and this campaign is not going to have any major impact on that.

This campaign is for the future of Smash Brothers as a series. That means *all* games. Nowhere does the infographic (it’s literally stated in the first few lines its for the future of the series) or this website state we are aiming at Smash 4 DLC.

Thank you.


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