GameXplain: “Smash Bros NX: What We Want to See! – Rumor Discussion”

I was going to do a long length detailed post but that takes a long time and I’ve already been beaten to it and pretty much covers everything I would have said. I will add a few quick points however:

  • Smash NX should be an upgraded combined version of the 3DS and Wii U content and include the DLC and new content from its launch. This includes Trophies, modes, stages etc..
  • Smash NX to be a platform for content delivery with new stages, modes and characters etc.. released. Everytime something gets released the Internet goes into Hype mode and is great advertising for minimal effort.
  • While some may feel they’ve been ripped off, that would not be the case since the NX version can offer much more content and functionality than it’s predecessor could while improving previous content and adding new content to be considered more than just a port or Game of the Year edition but it’s own version.



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