Campaign Update #2

Hello again!

With being able to dedicated some more time to this project and campaign I’ve pushed out some more updates to content and the website

  • Contact Form

Have a suggestion? Want more information about donating? See something that needs correcting? You can now use the contact form to get in touch with me directly.

  • Guest Book Trial

Over on the Smash boards Wolf thread there was a manual collection of support messages and signatures from people who had varying levels of support for Wolf to return. However as you can imagine the manual process isn’t ideal. It’s taken me a little while to incorporate an automated version of this system but I’m almost ready to test the functionality of the current system. If it doesn’t work or have the functionality I hope it does then I’ll have to try something else.

  • Progress page

I do most of the work on this project and campaign myself however sometimes there are things I either don’t have time to follow up myself or it’s proving a bit more difficult than anticipated. Have a look here and if you think you can help out contact me! It will also keep track of the general campaign, currently we are planning to do a major launch in April.

Thanks to everybody so far who have posted positive and constructive comments on the various communities such as reddit, smashboards and elsewhere. I’ve been doing my best to read all of it and use these comments to improve the website and the content.


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