Campaign Update #1

Hey everybody,

So I’ve been in my spare time updating this website here and there but I am now finally in a position where I can commit more time to it. Just wanted to provide an update on various things:

  • Website

I’m working towards making the website content and feature complete. This includes a signature book of some sort which will allow us to collect unique support messages (1 per person) for Wolf. The current monetary budget I have towards this is $0 so which is why free website hosting and tools are being used.

I’m hoping to at the very least raise enough money to buy a proper domain name so rather than we could get to be more professional and easier for people to remember and access. Essentially it would cost about $15 to get that domain for a year. Of course more details and transparency will be provided shortly however if you wish to help out please click here.

  • The infographic

This will be a major part of the campaign. The idea is to have a complete infograph which details the Star Fox Series, Wolf and why he should return to Smash Bros. When the website and it are ready to launch we hope to spread the word in two ways.

The first is on an individual level. By introducing Wolf in Smash and within the Star Fox games we hope to gain new fans and convert people who are against him especially those who don’t support him due to misinformation.

The second is on a collective level. By having lots of presence and visibility online we can show Sakurai there are so many people who are disappointed Wolf did not return and would love to see him return in the future within the Smash Bros series.

At key points in time we hope to make enough noise such as during the DLC release of Corrin and Bayonetta, any announcements of the NX and of course any news of a future Smash Bros game.

  • How can I help?

Have a look at the website and any improvements or edits that need to be made please contact me so I can make it the best it can be! You can also donate if you wish (See above). You can also provide feedback on the infographic!

Once everything is to launch I will provide more details on how you can help with that!

Thanks for reading,





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